Frequently Asked Questions

[panel title=”Can the plates/Dog tags discolor in water or when swimming?”]No, Dog tags are made of stainless steel and are skin friendly. [/panel]
[panel title=”Are Dog Tags being delivered with silencers included?”]No, the Dog Tags are being delivered without silencers. But silencers can be purchased at the same time.[/panel]
[panel title=”When ordering a double Dog Tag (USA) can I have two different texts on them?”]No, Dog Tags are two identical metal plates with the same text. [/panel]
[panel title=”When ordering a double Dog Tag do I have to enter the text twice?”]No, the text has to be entered only once. [/panel]
[panel title=”Do you also have colored tags and colored silencers?”]Yes and no. No, we don’t sell colored tags. Colored tags are usually made from plastic and are more likely to get damaged or break.
Yes, we deliver silencers in 20 different colors.[/panel]
[panel title=”Is it safe to authorize payment through the internet?”]Yes, we use Paypal for our online transactions. Transactions are performed trough a secure connection. [/panel]
[panel title=”Is it possible to receive an invoice for accounting reasons?”]Yes, please don’t forget to mention it when ordering. [/panel]
[panel title=”I have placed an order, but I still haven’t received anything. What should I do?”]Luckily that hasn’t ever happened, but should it happen, don’t worry the mail can sometimes take longer than 24 hours. If you still haven’t received your order after 5 work days please contact us on our telephone number or through email. (Don’t forget that with official holidays and Sundays it can take longer).[/panel]
[panel title=”I have placed an order, but I have made a spelling mistake. What should I do?”]If it turns out to be a mistake made by us we will send new ones at our cost. Should the mistake been made by the client then the costs are for the client. That is why all our orders are carefully made and checked three times before being sent. The client always receive a email of confirmation of the order including the text that the client wishes to have, if for some reason there is a mistake then please contact us on the telephone. [/panel]
[panel title=”When will I receive the order?”]We will ship your order as soon as we have received your payment. The time between shipping and receiving will depend on county you live in. [/panel]
[panel title=”How much are the shipping costs?”]We dont’t really charge for shipping. However we charge a transaction fee for small orders and for the use of creditcards.
For orders less than € 5,- we charge € 1,50
For the use of creditcards € 2,00)[/panel]

Do you have a complaint? Please send us an email. Want to know what others have to say about us? Check our guestbook.