Frequently asked questions

Do you really deliver on a 24 hour basis?

Yes, all orders placed before 4 pm and paid with IDEAL or Paypal will be shipped the same day (except Sundays and holidays).

Can the identity plates/Dog tags discolor by water/swimming?

No, the tags are made of a high quality, skin-friendly metal.

Do the Dog Tags come standard with silencers?

No, Dog Tags come standard without silencers.

Can I order two different texts when ordering a set of Dog Tags?

No, a Dog Tag consists of two tags with identical text.

Do I have to enter the text twice when ordering a Dog Tag?

No, the text only needs to be entered once. On both tags the text is the same.

Do you also have colored tags and/or silencers?

Yes and no. We supply only silver-colored metal tags. Colored tags often contain only a layer of coating and are therefore often of inferior quality. However, we do supply the original black silencers as well as various colored silencers. You can order these via the order form.

Is it also possible to pay in advance (without a one-time authorization)?

Yes, that is also possible. Keep in mind that the order will be shipped after your payment is received. It does of course mean that the delivery time will be longer, because your order will be sent as soon as the payment is on our account. If you paid in advance please indicate that clearly in details / comments. When paying always mention: order number, name and order date.

Is it possible to receive an invoice for accounting purposes?

No problem, please specify in details / comments.

I placed an order, but days later I still have not received anything. What should I do?

Fortunately, this almost never happens, if it does take longer, do not panic. The post (PostNL) can take longer than 24 hours. However, if the order has not arrived after 5 working days, please contact us. (Please take into account possible longer delivery times due to Sundays and holidays)

What are the delivery times in Belgium?

In Belgium we cannot work with one-time authorizations, this obviously extends the delivery time. Once the amount of the order is on our account, the order will be sent. Practice shows that the order sometimes 2 to even 6 days on the road. (Please take into account any longer delivery times due to Sundays and holidays)

I have placed an order, but there is a spelling error. What should I do?

This is always annoying, therefore all our orders are carefully made and triple checked before shipment. You will always receive an e-mail for confirmation and checking, containing the information you provided. If, despite this, there is an error in the text, please call us. If it is an error on our part, the order will of course be resent free of charge. If it is an error in the text provided, then unfortunately we cannot reimburse you.

Do you charge shipping costs?

We charge €2,50 for shipping your order.

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