burn/drone plates

Our RVS dog-tags are fabricated out of noble metal and utterly appropriate for outside! The text is indelibly punched in. These burn plates are self-adhesive with 1 screw hole, including screws. The size of the plates is 5 cm x 2,7 cm. (W x H)

When you want, we can also make a different size plates. In some cases the drone plates can be too big for your drone. You can select the size during your order. These self-adhesive brass plates are 0,8mm thick. The text will be punched. See photos for an example.

People who want to fly with their drone professional, need to register their drone due to the ROC-light statement. Both the RPAS and the ground station (the transmitter), must have this burn plate.

Tips for mounting

  • Make sure the surface is dry and clean and do not stick it above the GPS receiver!
  • Carefully look for a place to mount the plate. This way you avoid damaging the internal electronics or weakening the frame.

How do I register my drone in the aircraft register?

  1. Request of a PH-number
    Just like any other registered civil aircraft your drone, with which you are going to fly on a professional level, has to be provided of a PH-number. These can be requested at the aircraft register, via phonenumber 088-4890000. Once you know the PH-number assigned to you, you can make a dog-tag for your RPAS.
  2. Where/how to make a dog-tag
    Before the registration can be completed, the drone must be labelled with the PH number and the contact details of the person operating the drone (ideally: company name, e-mail address, telephone number, address). You can order these plates here.

Delivery: 1 day.

For more information on registering your drone, go to: www.dronewatch.nl