At we make dog tags, identity tags, drone tags, cat badges, dog badges en CPR tags. And we also have chains, keychains and silencers in stock.

Dog Tags

A dog tag is a silver steel plate A dog tag is a silver-colored steel plate into which a text can be punched that has to do with the identity of the wearer. The text can contain for example the name, address, emergency telephone number, medical data and other relevant information. A dog tag is usually worn with a chain around the neck. These army tags are mainly known by the U.S. Army under the name Dog Tags.
We supply of course the original American Dog Tags: 2 army tags and 2 chains. By default, no silencers (black rubbers) are supplied.

Identity tags

An identity tag is one silver name plate with personal e/o medical information.
Our identity plates are made of stainless steel and the text is indelibly punched into them.

Burn plates/drone plates

Our standard stainless steel drone plates are made of precious metal and excellent for outdoor use. The text is indelibly punched in. These stainless steel burn plates are self-adhesive with 1 screw hole, including screws. The size of these plates is 5 cm x 2.7 cm. (L x W)

Cat badges

Our stainless steel cat badges are made of precious metal and excellent for outdoor use. All data can easily be put on it and the text is indelibly punched in! The only difference with an identity plate is that it has a ring instead of a chain. Hence, this more economical priced. The big advantage of a cat badge is that you can be as certain as possible that your cat will come back to you if it has run away.

Dog badges

In addition to our standard stainless steel badges, we also have aluminum dog badges in a variety of shapes and colors. They are high quality, water resistant and do not rust or fade! The text is engraved computer-controlled with a diamond cutter in the badge, so that the text remains visible even after a long time! The dog badge comes with a matching ring.

CPR plates

A CPR plate is basically the same as an identity tag, a silver name plate, in this case with a personal message. The CPR plate is made of precious metal and the text is indelibly punched into it.


As standard we have a number of sizes of stainless steel chains in stock. For children and babies we have special chains that break faster to prevent dangerous situations.


Silencers are rubbers that go around the identity tags and Dog Tags. We also supply colored silencers besides the original (black) American silencers!


An ID keychain is a single silver name plate attached to a ring, containing personal and/or medical information. Our name tags are made of stainless steel and the text is indelibly punched into it.