Identity tag

An identity tag is one silver name plate attached to a chain, with personal and/or medical information.
Our name tags are made of stainless steel and the text is indelibly punched into them.

These identity tags are mainly used for kids (think about the holiday time). But also adults can wear them. Especially with medical information, like diabetes, hart patients, allergic reactions, etc. But off course there are many examples of usage to tell.

We had a lot of responses that clients are very happy because the identity tags saved them a lot of trouble. Also here: prevent is better than care, right?

Which information should I put on my identity tag?
Name, address, postal code, city of residence, country, phone numbers.
Date of birth, allergic reactions, bloodtype, diabetes, hart patient, deaf.
Email address, bungalow nr, name of camping.

It’s very important to fill in details that are mandatory for the wearer.

Tip: when you use a long city of residence, you can leave the postal code away. At the end of the city of residence, you can place the letters NL instead of the long name; The Netherlands.