General Terms and Conditions

The conditions apply to every offer, purchase and agreement which is offered by The general terms and conditions are governed by Dutch law.

1. Prices

* All prices are in Euros and include 21% VAT and excluding shipping (see: ‘Shipping & Delivery’).
* Prices and other information on the website and other expressions are subject to change.

2. Payment delivers personalized identity tags and will only start production after payment has been received.
* Payment of an online order is by means of: single authorization, PayPal, iDEAL or bank transfer. For payments from abroad, PayPal, VISA, MasterCard and local bank transfer can be used. For payments from the Netherlands, use can be made of bank transfer and single direct debit.
* For the processing of online payments works together with PayPal. PayPal provides secure financial processing of all online orders. On the payment orders are the general conditions of PayPal apply (see
* When a payment has been made through one-time authorization, delivery has taken place and the payment is reversed at a later time, the payment obligation remains in force.
* When a single authorization is refused, € 3.50 administration costs will be charged.
* If a payment is not received within 14 days after the order date by, the order expires.
* You must at all times the complete and exact order number and correct amount to transfer. You remain responsible for all additional costs resulting from incorrect or incomplete payment (s) / data.

3. Shipping & Delivery

* strives to ship an order within 24 hours after receipt of payment to the address provided.
* Exceeding the 24-hour service gives no right to cancel. will when an order is not sent within 5 working days this immediately by e-mail, post or fax communicate.
* delivers within 24 hours, if the following conditions are met:
– Order is delivered within the Netherlands;
– Payment takes place via single authorization or iDeal;
– Order is made before 16:00 hours, excluding Saturday, Sunday and holidays;
* The latest delivery time is 30 days. Exceeding the delivery period entitles you to cancel the order. Received payments will be refunded as soon as possible, but no later than 30 days.
* If the delivery deadline is exceeded, the customer must indicate in writing or by e-mail within 29 days that they wish to exercise their right to cancel. . This applies only if there has been paid and by (unexpectedly) not delivered
* The delivery deadline expires if the customer in advance payment the order number is not stated. Without order number we can not link payments to orders.
* All prices are exclusive of shipping costs.
* Orders are sent as postal mail by PostNL.
* Delivery outside the Netherlands is via PostNL, Priority mail.

4. Cancellation, Returns & Modification

* After receiving an order and the corresponding payment, will provide an identity tag with the data as specified in the order. Due to the personal nature of an identity tag, the right to cancel, return and change lapses.
* Cancellation or change of the data of an order is only possible by bank transfer, when has not yet received the payment. The order must be cancelled or changed in writing (by e-mail, post or fax) and stating the order number.
* Unstamped return shipments will not be received.

5. Liability

* is not liable for any damage that would have resulted from the use of the supplied identity tags, chains and accessories.
* is not liable for the content of the text on the identity tags produced by her, and reserves the right to refuse text.
* is not liable for any consequences of a delayed delivery of an order.
* is not liable for typing errors or inaccuracies in the given text.

6. Warranty & Service

* In case of a complaint, the buyer should turn to
* For an identity tag and its accessories is 1 year warranty. This warranty does not cover the breaking of the chain.
* uses a 100% quality guarantee. The identity plates supplied by meet the highest standards when it comes to material, functionality and durability.
* An order must be properly checked upon receipt. When an order does not meet the expectations which reasonably and on the basis of the by provided information can be set on the article, then this must be communicated within 7 working days after receiving the order by e-mail or post. will try to solve the complaint as soon as possible, but at the latest within 10 working days.
* All correspondence must take place under mention of the order number or in case of mail order the delivery address.

7. Privacy

* treats personal data with the utmost care and will never offer them to third parties.
* Payments through Paypal are handled via a secure connection, and privacy is guaranteed.
* Personal data will be included in a mailing list, which has been compiled to make new offers in the future. This mailing list is only used by If no value is placed on such an offer then it is possible at any time in writing (by e-mail or post) to indicate this. The data will then be immediately removed from the mailing list.

8. Website

* On the website of it is possible to place a link. Links will only be placed if a link is placed back.
* has the right to reject a request to place a link. Also has the right to remove an already placed link.
* strives to answer e-mails and messages which are sent via the contact form within 24 hours.
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