The dog badge is one silver coloured name plate with personal e/o medical data. Our name tags are made of stainless steel and the text is indelibly punched into them.

Available characters:
0-9 A-Z @ . , ? ! + – = : _ ♥ = # * % & / ( )

How to use these characters:
select a character above, copy (CTRL+C) and paste (CTRL+V) it into a text field below.

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The stainless steel tags are made from precious metal and are also excellent for outdoor use, therefore they can also be used as a Dog Tag or keychain.

All text will be indelibly punched into the tag!

The only difference with an identity plate is that it has a ring instead of a chain, hence the lower price. The big advantage of a dog badge is, that you’ll know that your dog is coming back to you when it takes a run.