Double Dog Tags


Dog tags are silver colored

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Dog Tags standaard met ketting
Optie voor kids of baby zie onder

Wilt u een Silencer?

Per 2



Dog tags (USA) are 2 silver colored metal plates both with identical text. Double Dog Tags will be delivered with 1 long chain (60 cm / 23.6 in.) and 1 short chain (10 cm. / 3.9 in.).

Amerikaanse vlag These Dog Tags are mainly known from the United States of America, used by their army. We deliver exclusively the original American Dog Tags: two (USA) Dog Tags and 2 chains.
Silencers (black rubber casings) are not included with the Dog Tags, but can be purchased at the same time.

The Dog Tags are made of high grade quality silver colored steel, and the text is punched into the steel.

We ship worldwide!


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