ID Keychain


ID Keychain is one silver coloured name tag with personal and/or medical details. Our name tags are made of stainless steel and the text is indelibly punched into them.

Available characters:
0-9 A-Z @ . , ? ! + – = : <_ ♥ = # * % & / ( )

How to use these characters:
select a character above, copy (CTRL+C) and paste (CTRL+V) it into a text field below.

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The stainless steel ID tags are made of precious metal and are also excellent for outdoor use, therefore they can also be used as key rings or dog tags.

All text will be indelibly punched into the tag!

The only difference with an identity plate is that it has a ring instead of a chain, hence the lower price.

Never put your address on the keychain


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